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  • Posted on January 14, 2016
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How do I implement a social strategy in a big organisation?
In the past few years, social media has become indispensable from an organisation’s marketing mix. Implementing a social media strategy asks for a lot of hard work and attention, this applies to both big experienced organisations as small start ups. In 2014, Eneco, an electricity provider, introduced a special spot for their ‘Social Hub’; the department that deals with the social media and web care. Eneco had already started communicating via social media, but revealing and sharing these activities has been a challenge. Because, how do you keep thousands of colleagues updated on which issues keep customers busy and which questions are trending online?

Eneco SocialWally

It all starts with web care
Momentarily the most prominent reason to set up social media isn’t based on the corporate communication any more; nowadays social media is set up to generate the opportunity to communicate with customers. As big multinational you must have a decent webcare department, clients want to be able to contact such companies 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Besides this, customers also expect to get an answer within the same day. The online world of social media has a very rapid pace and web care can’t lag behind. Several years ago Eneco started fine-tuning its web care department and now it has grown to become an indispensable ‘Social Hub’. The department consists out of skilled employees and adequate tools. The core values, sustainability and innovation, prevail throughout the entire company and are reflected in the company’s course of action.

Social Hub
Fedor van Herpen, Senior Digital Strategist for Eneco states “Customers can contact us seven days a week with all their problems and any inquiries. Our team is ready to assist them and to answer any questions they have. Hundreds of colleagues see to it that customers are listened to and assisted, on a daily basis. That is why it is important for others to know what we do in the Social Hub, because we are the ones that know which questions are trending and what issues customers are having. To make ourselves more visible within the company our team moved to a more central spot within the office in 2014. The Social Hub now has a more prominent spot in the central hall of the Eneco head office. We were constantly looking for a tool that presented our conversations with clients and created more interaction with colleagues. SocialWally was the ultimate solution! The department is now not only noticeable by our banner, but also by the big social wall.”

Eneco SocialWally
Visibility and interaction
The move to a more central spot, together with the introduction of the official Social Hub formed the ‘big-bang’ for Eneco. The staff reacted enthusiastically towards the prominent Social Hub, which created even more interaction between colleagues from different departments. “All of a sudden our purposes and the services we offer was much clearer and what we do as a department was more understandable. The SocialWally screen is continuously updating, keeping close track of all recent conversations with customers and our various social media feeds. Besides this, our most recent commercials are broadcasted which attracts employees and visitors to our Hub. People do often stop and have a look what comes up on the screen and subsequently see what our followers are talking about on social media.”

Eneco and SocialWally
The brand-possibilities SocialWally has to offer were the decisive factor for Eneco to choose this tool in particular. “The Eneco logo graces our social wall and the rest of the screen we can program and design ourselves according to the brand. The tool is easy to use and you get value for your money.” Meanwhile, there are three screens in the Eneco office keeping staff up to date: one in the Social Hub and two screens in the Eneco espresso bar. “SocialWally helped us make our social media and web care more visible for our staff.” – Fedor.

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