How can a social wall help to optimise customer contact?

  • Posted on February 25, 2016
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The customer is always key. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small bakery in a little village or a big player in the national market; optimal customer contact is essential for your business. Progressive companies know that you can benefit from having a skilled webcare team, that will assist your company in this aspect. The contact moments you will have with customers will no longer consist solely out of telephone contact. The ABP pension provider is in contact with hundreds of its customers on a daily basis, addressing any matters that have to do with retirement. But keeping the whole Customer Contact Centre (CCC) fully informed about what customers find important, was a challenge.

Customer contact
Although the online world continues to evolve, the complete extinction of the telemarketing customer contact will not happen in the near future. The ABP pension provider has a substantial Customer Contact Centre where the phone is constantly ringing. However, the pension provider does notice that the number of questions asked via social media is increasing. The webcare team is primarily focusing itself on the social-media accounts of their biggest pension fund, ABP. ABP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were set up to inform participants and make people more aware of their retirement plans. “ABP’s social media accounts are used to share news and information that indirectly has to do with retirement, but also for the latest developments in the ABP pension. The ultimate goal is to talk to people who are building up their pension or receiving ABP. Lately there is a lot of controversy around retirement plans and that brings up many questions for our customers. We embrace these discussions, we like to hear what our customers’ opinions are. Customers can share these statement via one of the two ABP accounts and we’ll be sitting at the other end waiting to answer any questions or respond to any comments via private messages.” Judith, webcare cosultant.

ABP pension provider
Online vs. offline
The types of questions the webcare team receives is surprisingly different than those from the telemarketing team. There was a strong need for connection, to keep the whole CCC up to date of what is important to customers. It was especially challenging to provide an insight into the online discussion; after all, this changes rapidly. “We were looking for an application for the workplace which was useful for all staff dealing with customer contact. Pretty quickly we came across the idea of a social wall, but we also wanted to show interesting news updates in addition to our own reports and the progress of the online conversation. In our search for the right tool, we mainly found expensive applications that were only useable during events, but we wanted more of an ongoing publication at a reasonable price. At first the idea was to design an appropriate application ourselves but eventually we came across Social Wally; a tool that corresponded exactly to our needs! The simplicity and the many options the tool has to offer worked very well for us straight away”. Meanwhile, the executive ABP has been using the social wall for some time now and its success goes beyond the field of customer contact.

At some point the executives from other departments got air of the social wall that was hanging up in the CCC. The impact of the social wall spread like wildfire: “Executives are used to writing long reports on company obstacles, opportunities and pitfalls. Now it is increasingly common for managers to run our department by following the interests of customers via our social wall. The responses we receive internally are only positive ones. The overall feeling is great, you immediately see what is happening online. What has SocialWally done for us? Our social media has become a much more prominent part of this company since we have the social wall,” Judith.

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