Show Google+ updates on SocialWally

As the internet continues to provide more and more ways to socially connect, we keep expanding our list of social networks that are compatible with SocialWally. Are you publishing your Google+ updates on SocialWally yet? If not, now you can.

Recently, we added Google+ as a new feature on SocialWally. You can now publish the number of followers on your Google+* personal or business page or show the latest posts from others. Just search for the person or business page you’d like to share information from, and simply publish it on your SocialWally.

About Google+
Google+ is owned and operated by Google and is one of the largest social media sites in the world, with 1.15 billion users. Although Google+ may look similar to other social networks, the social network allows you to be more specific about who you share with and how you interact. Google+ also integrates all Google services. Therefore, you will see a new Google+ menu bar on Google services such as Gmail and YouTube.

* A Google+ account is required to publish details from this social network.

Prezi now compatible with SocialWally

We found another great tool to show your personal content on SocialWally: MeetPrezi!

About Prezi
With Prezi you can create presentations and visually explain new ideas. It provides an innovative and engaging way to present your stories. Prezi is cloud-based — you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. It’s easy to use. Lacking inspiration? Just reuse a template from the massive Prezi library.

Besides using Prezi to show business presentations and publish plans, you can also use it as a way to personally great guests, show your restaurant menu or publish other personal messages. Just fill your Prezi with the information you would like to share with your guests, and publish it on your SocialWally.

To show your Prezi presentation on your SocialWally, you only need the link of the Prezi you’d like to publish. Fill in the URL of the Prezi in ‘Block Settings,’ and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to click; SociallWally automatically plays your whole Prezi.

Breakbulk Europe and Port of Antwerp both use SocialWally at 2014 Conference

Two organizations used SocialWally last May at Breakbulk Europe 2014 to bring attention to their social media presences. Breakbulk Europe is the largest annual exhibition and educational forum for breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals. During the conference Breakbulk Europe used SocialWally to highlight their social media presence. Port of Antwerp also deployed the platform to show social conversations, statistics, and their company video. Two SocialWally employees were on location to check out SocialWally on their big screens. Breakbulk Europe Breakbulk Europe 2014 took place from May 12-15 in Antwerp, Belgium. Conference organizers used SocialWally to show live-tweets, Flickr photos and the corporate movie using a huge screen at the check-in booth. The screen alternated between the custom SocialWally and the Breakbulk corporate movie. Our motto has always been: “the bigger the screen, the better.”Therefore, we were happy to see Breakbulk using a gigantic screen to show SocialWally. Waiting for check-in has never been so interesting! BB entrance SW Port of Antwerp We were also excited to check out how the Port of Antwerp, a hub of global supply chains that offers a range of integrated marine and logistics services, was using SocialWally at Breakbulk Europe. The Port’s booth had a very prominent spot –it was the first booth seen from the entrance. On the front of the booth, Port of Antwerp placed a huge screen that showed its SocialWally Multi. In addition, inside the booth there was a second screen showing SocialWally. BB_Europe-21 BB_Europe-22 The Port’s marketing team used SocialWally to share the conversations they have with customers. They also showed their corporate film, photos of their core business and impressive social media stats. With SocialWally Multi, they didn’t have to choose which social medium they wanted to display the most. Port of Antwerp used five alternating screens, showing different social content every few minutes. It even had a custom-made wall around the SocialWally screens showing special hashtags and the Port of Antwerp Twitter username. Visitors could immediately join the conversation. photo source:

New Supported Network: TripAdvisor

Businesses and organizations that use SocialWally can now display ratings and reviews from TripAdvisor. Show the latest reviews, and impress your visitors with the average number of stars you earned via the website. Inspire quests by showing tips from reviewers alongside a slideshow of Facebook pictures. Start sharing your TripAdvisor stats and comments today!
TripAdvisor is the 15th social network to become compatible with SocialWally. This new SocialWally feature brings a whole new dimension to starting a dialogue! TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site and enables travelers to plan the perfect trip. The website offers trusted advice from real travelers. It contains 150 million reviews and opinions from more than 3.7 million hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide.

SocialWally: what’s new?

We just launched a complete new design of SocialWally! Frequent users probably already noticed we redesigned the apps in SocialWally and gave it a more modern look. But that’s not the only thing we improved. SocialWally users can now show Vimeo videos on their social media wall. A great advantage when using Vimeo: unlike Youtube, Vimeo is ad free! Vimeo is particularly useful for short films or business movies. Join Vimeo here and start sharing today.

About Vimeo

In 2004, Vimeo was founded by a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. As time went on, likeminded people discovered Vimeo and helped build a supportive community of individuals with a wide range of passions. Today, millions of people from all around the world enjoy Vimeo, and we’re growing bigger every day. We hope this fun and friendly environment fuels your own creativity and inspires you to contribute to Vimeo in the ways that mean the most to you.



New: publish LinkedIn Company updates on SocialWally

LinkedIn presents itself as the social medium for companies. Therefore it isn’t surprising we decided to provide more space on SocialWally for this medium. Alongside the LinkedIn and LinkedIn Group apps SocialWally now offers LinkedIn Company updates, another way to share interesting news about your company. On the LinkedIn Company page you can share the latest news about the progress of your company. The LinkedIn Company update app is a great new feature through which you can now publish these LinkedIn updates for your offline attendance. From now on all your employees and guests are up-to-date as regards the latest news of your company. Get more engagement by publishing it on SocialWally. 

Great example of SocialWally usage: Vasco

Since the launch of SocialWally we have offered a variety of companies innovative solutions for involving employees, guests or other stakeholders with their social media presence. We are very proud of the fact that SocialWally has a global coverage. It is used from Hawaii to Kenya and from Afghanistan to Australia (to mention a few). We like to take the opportunity to thank all SocialWally users around the world: thank you for the support! It’s inspiring to see the diversity of SocialWally users. So in the context of “sharing is caring” we want to share a great example of SocialWally usage. We like to point you to: Vasco Data Security, world leader of strong authentication and e-signature solutions. Vasco used their social media screen during their visits to different events including the Gitex Technology Week 2013 held in Dubai. Vasco invited visitors at their stand to “join the conversation” by using certain hashtags or mentions. By doing so the software company actually made their visitors feel like they were part of the Vasco experience. Great job!We were very impressed by the size of one of their screens. Our motto; the bigger the screen the better (the experience)! Dubai1 dubai-2

New: Livestream on SocialWally

We proudly introduce our newest feature on SocialWally: Livestream. As of today you can view events and news channels like Fox, NBC, News Channel 8 and many more local news channels live on your SocialWally. Another possibility is using Livestream to stream your own events* and add them to your social media screen. If you host an (closed) event and if you want to give those not attending the possibility to join anyway, Livestream is the perfect solution for you. Now everybody can attend your event from behind their TV or big screen. Big names such as The New York Times, Facebook and Warner Bros have already proven the efficiency of Livestream. Not familiar with Livestream? Especially for you, we made an example of Livestream on Socialwally. Just to show you how easy it is to connect your stakeholders. Start engaging your audience via Livestream on SocialWally!   * Note: a premium account is required to stream your own events on Livestream and share them on SocialWally Livestream ex

LinkedIn Group on SocialWally: internal sharing has never been so easy

LinkedIn Group managers, pay attention! We updated the LinkedIn application on SocialWally. Before today the SocialWally LinkedIn application was suitable for sharing your profile summary or your newsfeed. Now it doesn’t stop there! We offer you a new possibility to share information that isn’t visible for everyone. Does your company, event or society has a LinkedIn Group which proves to be highly effective? In that case we added a new application especially for you: LinkedIn Group newsfeed*.  Linked In Having a LinkedIn Group enables you to share public or non-public information with a select group of people. With the new LinkedIn Group application you can now share newsfeed of your LinkedIn Group with offline stakeholders. With SocialWally the possibilities are endless, start sharing now! * Existing SocialWally users might need to reconnect the LinkedIn account (see how)