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By using SocialWally it is possible to impress your visitors with tweets, posts, photos and more. There are over fifteen ways to get more interaction by showing messages, pictures and check-ins directly on your live social media screen. We felt SocialWally was missing just one thing: the possibility to share inside information. An extra personal note, as you will. That’s why we added Slideshare to our software. With Slideshare you can share important company presentations, documents or videos. Slideshare is also suitable to welcome your visitors with a personal greeting or publish your restaurant menu. Simply add a presentation with the information you would like to share with your guests and make them feel welcome. And we´re not done yet. We´ve got more software updates coming up. Keep an eye on us. Slideshare on SocialWally

SocialWally brings new possibilities

We keep improving SocialWally: we added a new social medium to the software. SocialWally now offers you the opportunity to use the renewed Tumblr application. Now it’s not only possible to publish your Tumblr account summary but also to show important blogs, interesting quotes and images. By means of SocialWally you can keep your off-line public optimally informed about your all your activities online. Keep your eye on us: we’re adding two new social media applications to Socialwally in the next couple weeks. tumblr

New: Show YouTube video’s on your SocialWally

We added YouTube to our long list of Social networks. SocialWally users can now add a YouTube playlist and start broadcasting the latest YouTube video’s to their off-line public. Play all the video’s you added to your own YouTube playlist and they will automatically be looped. Adding YouTube will make your social media screen more vivid and interacting. And of course, as manager of your SocialWally you can easily edit content yourself. TIP: It’s also possible to add YouTube live video’s to your playlist, like Al Jazeera (  for continuous news broadcasting

GoogleTV news by SocialWally

SocialWally works perfectly in Chrome on Google TV. Find out here the latest on GoogleTV: gtv-overview-bgEven better: Screen and integrated GoogleTV LG and Google. The best of all worlds! Merge the power of Google, the boundless content of the Internet and one of the most innovative TVs ever made…and you’ve got the LG Smart TV with Google TV. The Magic Remote QWERTY makes it a cinch to navigate, search and socialize, now with the addition of Voice Search functionality. The customizable LG Home Dashboard is intuitive and a breeze to navigate. Add the amazing performance of LG’s exclusive L9 Dual Core Processor and get ready to access your favorite content like never before. [read more] Asus Cube Google TV box arrives April 24th for $140 or less The first Google TV box from Asus is set to hit the streets on April 24th, and it’s already available for pre-order from Newegg, where you can reserve one for $140 (and get a $10 gift card thrown in for good measure). That’s not quite as good as the $129 price tag we were expecting for the Asus Cube, but if you’ve had an eye on this device since Asus unveiled it in January, the wait is almost over. [read more]  

SocialWally @ OfficeTOday

officetoday Where: OfficeTOday, Utrecht, NL Business: Offices, Flexible workplaces, Providing a full service workspace for small and midsize companies. SocialWally since:  April 2013 Website: More: Grand opening of OfficeTODay was done by the City Counsel Member Mr. Isabella by sending a tweet and uncover the SocialWally to the public. IMG_6389  

SocialWally live!

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Dear followers, We are proud to let you know that SocialWally is now ready for take off! This week our three founders launched the first SocialWally in the office of our first customer. So you can give it a free try! Visit for details. Our 
mission is to share your social media with your employees, visitors or
 others in public places like offices, events, receptions, boardrooms, etc. We are working on manuals and FAQs but SocialWally is ready for you to give 
it a try: it works! The SocialWally Team