How can a social wall help to optimise customer contact?

  • Posted On February 25, 2016
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The customer is always key. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small bakery in a little village or a big player in the national market; optimal customer contact is essential for your business. Progressive companies know that you can benefit from having a skilled webcare team, that will assist your company in this aspect. The contact moments you will have with customers will no longer consist solely out of telephone contact. The ABP pension provider is in contact with hundreds of its customers on a daily basis, addressing any matters that have to do with retirement. But keeping the whole Customer Contact Centre (CCC) fully informed about what customers find important, was a challenge.

Customer contact
Although the online world continues to evolve, the complete extinction of the telemarketing customer contact will not happen in the near future. The ABP pension provider has a substantial Customer Contact Centre where the phone is constantly ringing. However, the pension provider does notice that the number of questions asked via social media is increasing. The webcare team is primarily focusing itself on the social-media accounts of their biggest pension fund, ABP. ABP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were set up to inform participants and make people more aware of their retirement plans. “ABP’s social media accounts are used to share news and information that indirectly has to do with retirement, but also for the latest developments in the ABP pension. The ultimate goal is to talk to people who are building up their pension or receiving ABP. Lately there is a lot of controversy around retirement plans and that brings up many questions for our customers. We embrace these discussions, we like to hear what our customers’ opinions are. Customers can share these statement via one of the two ABP accounts and we’ll be sitting at the other end waiting to answer any questions or respond to any comments via private messages.” Judith, webcare cosultant.

ABP pension provider
Online vs. offline
The types of questions the webcare team receives is surprisingly different than those from the telemarketing team. There was a strong need for connection, to keep the whole CCC up to date of what is important to customers. It was especially challenging to provide an insight into the online discussion; after all, this changes rapidly. “We were looking for an application for the workplace which was useful for all staff dealing with customer contact. Pretty quickly we came across the idea of a social wall, but we also wanted to show interesting news updates in addition to our own reports and the progress of the online conversation. In our search for the right tool, we mainly found expensive applications that were only useable during events, but we wanted more of an ongoing publication at a reasonable price. At first the idea was to design an appropriate application ourselves but eventually we came across Social Wally; a tool that corresponded exactly to our needs! The simplicity and the many options the tool has to offer worked very well for us straight away”. Meanwhile, the executive ABP has been using the social wall for some time now and its success goes beyond the field of customer contact.

At some point the executives from other departments got air of the social wall that was hanging up in the CCC. The impact of the social wall spread like wildfire: “Executives are used to writing long reports on company obstacles, opportunities and pitfalls. Now it is increasingly common for managers to run our department by following the interests of customers via our social wall. The responses we receive internally are only positive ones. The overall feeling is great, you immediately see what is happening online. What has SocialWally done for us? Our social media has become a much more prominent part of this company since we have the social wall,” Judith.

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Happy Customer Eneco

  • Posted On January 14, 2016
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How do I implement a social strategy in a big organisation?
In the past few years, social media has become indispensable from an organisation’s marketing mix. Implementing a social media strategy asks for a lot of hard work and attention, this applies to both big experienced organisations as small start ups. In 2014, Eneco, an electricity provider, introduced a special spot for their ‘Social Hub’; the department that deals with the social media and web care. Eneco had already started communicating via social media, but revealing and sharing these activities has been a challenge. Because, how do you keep thousands of colleagues updated on which issues keep customers busy and which questions are trending online?

Eneco SocialWally

It all starts with web care
Momentarily the most prominent reason to set up social media isn’t based on the corporate communication any more; nowadays social media is set up to generate the opportunity to communicate with customers. As big multinational you must have a decent webcare department, clients want to be able to contact such companies 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Besides this, customers also expect to get an answer within the same day. The online world of social media has a very rapid pace and web care can’t lag behind. Several years ago Eneco started fine-tuning its web care department and now it has grown to become an indispensable ‘Social Hub’. The department consists out of skilled employees and adequate tools. The core values, sustainability and innovation, prevail throughout the entire company and are reflected in the company’s course of action.

Social Hub
Fedor van Herpen, Senior Digital Strategist for Eneco states “Customers can contact us seven days a week with all their problems and any inquiries. Our team is ready to assist them and to answer any questions they have. Hundreds of colleagues see to it that customers are listened to and assisted, on a daily basis. That is why it is important for others to know what we do in the Social Hub, because we are the ones that know which questions are trending and what issues customers are having. To make ourselves more visible within the company our team moved to a more central spot within the office in 2014. The Social Hub now has a more prominent spot in the central hall of the Eneco head office. We were constantly looking for a tool that presented our conversations with clients and created more interaction with colleagues. SocialWally was the ultimate solution! The department is now not only noticeable by our banner, but also by the big social wall.”

Eneco SocialWally
Visibility and interaction
The move to a more central spot, together with the introduction of the official Social Hub formed the ‘big-bang’ for Eneco. The staff reacted enthusiastically towards the prominent Social Hub, which created even more interaction between colleagues from different departments. “All of a sudden our purposes and the services we offer was much clearer and what we do as a department was more understandable. The SocialWally screen is continuously updating, keeping close track of all recent conversations with customers and our various social media feeds. Besides this, our most recent commercials are broadcasted which attracts employees and visitors to our Hub. People do often stop and have a look what comes up on the screen and subsequently see what our followers are talking about on social media.”

Eneco and SocialWally
The brand-possibilities SocialWally has to offer were the decisive factor for Eneco to choose this tool in particular. “The Eneco logo graces our social wall and the rest of the screen we can program and design ourselves according to the brand. The tool is easy to use and you get value for your money.” Meanwhile, there are three screens in the Eneco office keeping staff up to date: one in the Social Hub and two screens in the Eneco espresso bar. “SocialWally helped us make our social media and web care more visible for our staff.” – Fedor.

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Happy Customer Frankwatching

  • Posted On November 18, 2015
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SocialWally has been implemented in businesses worldwide. It’s an international product that has embraced the growing trend of online communication. SocialWally lets businesses show their online interests and stories via displays. 

One of our happy customers in The Netherlands, Frankwatching, has set up a social wall display in the office. This allows the leading Dutch marketing blog to follow its readers.

Selina Vink, editor of the online marketing blog, says ‘the SocialWally is an important part of our daily tasks. It helps the team to follow our readers and gives an insight as to what everyone is talking about on social media’. By following the four simple steps to create a personal wall Frankwachting has really embraced the tailored wall. ‘SocialWally has given our office a professional appearance. This enhances the brand and team.’

Frankwatching happy customer

SocialWally’s blog on Frankwatching

  • Posted On November 18, 2015
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Frankwatching, published a new article last week mentioning SocialWally. Our very own marketing manager, Marieke Strootman, had the privilege of writing a blog for the popular Dutch marketing blog website.

Social media is a part of most peoples daily lives. It has become one of the most popular and easiest ways to communicate and is continuously being implemented in business strategies. A life without online communication is practically unthinkable nowadays. WallyLabs realised this new way of communication was going to grow, therefore the company embraced this trend and introduced the SocialWally social wall.

In the blog Marieke explains the importance and the benefits of connecting with your community and using SocialWally as a tool to do so. Besides displaying the ongoing social media feed of the company, a business can also create a wall portraying the customer journey, corporate story and the day to day business.

SocialWally was primarily designed to share online communication and then with a main focus on business social media. Since the commencement of the company in 2012, The SocialWally team has expanded the application options for the personal social wall. The social wall can now be customised and tailored by following four easy steps; customise, edit, preview and publish. This enables users to easily tailor a unique news feed on their social wall and display screen within the office. 


Read the blog Dutch blog on the Frankwatching website: De nieuwste hype in social medialand de social wall

SocialWally has recently been exploring new and exciting improvements including new applications, great collaborations and a whole new SocialWally. We will be revealing more information about these new developments shortly, so stay posted!      

Start broadcasting: Twitter on SocialWally

The possibilities to broadcast fun and engaging online content with SocialWally are endless and we have collected a wide range of social media for you to choose from. One of them is Twitter! By now, probably everyone is familiar with the little blue bird and terms like Tweets, Tweeps and trending Twitter topics. This social network is not only popular for personal usage but also widely used by businesses. For this reason, we take a closer look at how you can use Twitter on SocialWally. 

A small introduction

Twitter is a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters or less. Businesswise, it can be a helpful tool for driving traffic to your website or blog, creating brand awareness or lead acquisition. For this reason, a lot of companies have already integrated Twitter into their online marketing plan. With monthly 516 million users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter forms a great platform to position your business and reach your target audience.

Broadcast Twitter on your social media screen

Twitter on SocialWally allows you to share your tweets and ‘@’ mentions on a big screen. You can give your offline audience a sneak peek into trending topics for your business by adding a hashtag to your SocialWally. This will give people an impression of what is said online about your business and your area of expertise. You can also choose to broadcast the timeline of any Twitter user that you would like to share with your visitors.

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Target group Millennials and SocialWally; a visual marriage

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram; the possibilities to promote your business online are endless. Also, the pool of social media channels to choose from still continues to grow. But where do you start? Which social network works best at reaching your target group and what are your options? In this blog, we help you choose the right social networks for your SocialWally in order to reach the customers you want to reach. The target audience that we focus on today: the Millennials (age 18 – 34).

Millennials as target audience

Many companies are focusing on the Millennials. This generation is not only known for being highly educated and the fastest consuming part of our society, but they are also the most active online. 76% of this group is using their smartphone several hours per day and over 90% is active on various social media. Social media marketing is therefore an effective tool to reach these people. Furthermore, Millennials love visual content! This is the reason why social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are doing so well with this group. Besides the fact that they like to look at pictures and videos, they also seem to be responsible for a great deal of the production of this content. 81% appears to regularly post photographs or videos and the now well-known ‘selfies’ on these social media.

Popular social media

Thus, for reaching the Millennials, the ideal SocialWally at least contains Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These apps make your SocialWally a real eyecatcher for this specific target group! You can fully customize your own social media wall by broadcasting Facebook posts or photos from your business account or from other relevant followers. The Pinterest app in SocialWally allows you to broadcast any user image or a board about a certain topic. With Instagram, you can choose to show your own pictures or to add relevant hashtags to your SocialWally.

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Happy customer Somention

Because we are very happy with our customers and their feedback, we would like to let our costumers take the floor and share their experiences about their SocialWally. Up this week is Monique from Somention Social Media Agency. She talks about how they use SocialWally in their office.

Somention is the largest company specialized in creating engaging social media content and community management in the Netherlands. They’ve been leading brands—big and small, B2B and B2C, for-profit and nonprofit—to social media marketing success since they started in 2011. How do they do this? Somention knows that every business is different. That’s why they dig into the roots of your business and market to develop and help you execute an integrated digital marketing, social content and advertising plan to achieve your goals.

‘’Somention has two offices; one in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam. As employees from both locations try to get together as much as they can, it’s not quite the same as if you would all work in the same office. Of course it’s not always possible to meet and chat with everyone that works for your company, but we at Somention find it very important that colleagues are engaged with each other and each other’s work activities. This is why SocialWally is the perfect solution for us! We’ve added our corporate social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to it and put a SocialWally screen in both offices. When someone posts an update on our social media, employees from both locations will immediately be able to view it. So when a colleague from Rotterdam posts a picture about his meeting with a client, our colleagues from Amsterdam can immediately view it at their big screen. Also, we have noticed that it does not only increase engagement with our employees, but it also encourages clients to take a moment and look at the updates on the SocialWally screen. We even had multiple clients that were so enthusiastic about SocialWally that they tried it themselves and subscribed as well! Overall, we can say that we are very happy with our own social media screens. After all, as a social media agency you have to keep up and SocialWally allows you to do that in a fun and engaging way! – Monique, Somention

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SocialWally as tour guide with TripAdvisor

The possibilities to broadcast fun and engaging online content with SocialWally are endless and we have collected a wide range of social media for you to choose from. In this week’s blog, we talk about the option to broadcast your company’s TripAdvisor. If you run an accommodation, a tour, or another business that is frequently visited by tourists, then you are probably familiar with the content on this website. What if we told you that you could take al of these great reviews and broadcast them on a big screen!

About Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site and helps travelers all over the world plan their perfect vacation. With the website’s immense popularity, almost everyone starts their trip with a quick visit to TripAdvisor’s online reviews. For businesses in the touristic sector, TripAdvisor is increasingly playing an important role in their marketing efforts.

Tripadvisor on your SocialWally

As TripAdvisor is full of reviews, and therefore free marketing, broadcasting this on a big screen could encourage visitors to write a good review about your business too! Updates on TripAdvisor will be broadcasted immediately and visitors will be able to view their own posts and comments. Also, by adding TripAdvisor to your SocialWally, you can inspire people with great To Do’s in town. Your own social media screen shows how a certain location is rated and forms a fun and interactive tour guide for your audience as they wait in your lobby or have diner in your restaurant.

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Your own marketing machine; include SocialWally in your marketing strategy

Your online marketing strategy can consist of several marketing tools, but without popular social media elements like blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is almost impossible to get the most out of your online marketing efforts. Social media have become a permanent, and moreover critical, component of every marketer’s plan of offense for a marketing strategy. They have proven to boost web traffic, increase online presence and reach your targeted audience in an easy and engaging way. As there are a lot of different social media platforms available, the first challenge lies in choosing the right platforms to market your brand. You don’t have to be present at every social media channel out there, but choose the ones that will help you reach your goals. The second challenge is to incorporate your business’ social media in your business’ marketing plans. Having a hard time figuring out how to combine your online activities with your offline marketing? SocialWally offers you an easy and affordable solution and lifts your business’ marketing to the next level in three ways.

1. SocialWally keeps the crowd updated

SocialWally keeps the crowd updated on your online whereabouts. Even though people are 24/7 online these days, your companies social media updates can get lost in the abundance of social media messages. SocialWally broadcasts all of your business’ social media platforms at one screen. By adding these social media to your SocialWally, you will be able to broadcast your online marketing efforts at your event, office or store.

2. SocialWally drives co-content creation

SocialWally motivates people to get active on your business’ social media because updates are instantly broadcasted. It encourages people to engage in the online conversation about your business. This does not only creates free and fun content for your social media platforms but also enhances the reach of your marketing efforts as those messages will also be spread in someone’s personal network.

3. SocialWally blends in with your corporate identity

You can fully customize your SocialWally with your own corporate logo and company colors. This makes your SocialWally adaptable to your own corporate style, which makes it recognizable for people who pass by. Visitors will recognize it as it fully blends in with the rest of your marketing tools.

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Start broadcasting: Yammer on SocialWally

We keep improving SocialWally and are always on the lookout for new and exciting social media applications to add to our software. One application used on SocialWally is Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social network for businesses to get work done more effectively. By adding your company’s Yammer to SocialWally and displaying this at a good spot within your business, employees will be able to view important updates on a large screen, keeping them involved with each other and the achievement of their goals!

About Yammer

Yammer is a private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps. It helps employees connect to each other and allows easy access to the information they need to perform their jobs. In this way, employees can quickly find experts, get answers, and therefore accomplish more.

Add Yammer to SocialWally

To broadcast your company’s Yammer on SocialWally, you only need to log into your Yammer user account and add it to your social wall. By adding Yammer to SocialWally and placing your screens at a place where your workforce can see them, employees will be kept up-to-date about your business in a fun and engaging manner. This makes your SocialWally a great way to stimulate social interaction and to get your employees more involved. The result: a pleasant work environment!

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